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Share (Savings) Accounts - Earn More on Your Savings Account 

Savings Accounts at your credit union earn more per annum than at most banks. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance and paid at the end of each calendar quarter.

Share Certificates of Deposit

You may invest from 6 months to 60 months with a minimum deposit of $1,000. The rates may change weekly, but once purchased, your rate is fixed until maturity. Your monthly earnings may compound within the CD, or be posted to your share or share draft account each month, whichever you prefer.

Traditional and Roth IRAs - Savings and CDs

The regular IRA savings account is a separate savings account and earns quarterly dividends. Six Month to 5 year IRA Certificates of Deposit are also available. Our goal is to pay you the highest possible return on your retirement savings. More....

High Voltage Money Market Account

The High Voltage Account lets you enjoy the advantages of daily interest with higher returns. You get competitive rates without locking up your money for a long time. With our tiered rates, the more you invest, the higher the rate.

Share Draft Accounts (Checking) - Checking Accounts With No Monthly Service Charges 

That's right, there are no monthly service charges on our checking (share draft) accounts. Plus, your account can earn money, and your first check order is at a reduced rate. After that, you pay only the cost of the checks. And with our duplicate copies, each time you write one, you have an instant receipt for your records.  Plus, you can get Internet Home Banking with PowerPay Bill Pay service.

We have two different types of checking accounts. You choose the account most appropriate for you:
    •    Share Drafts – No minimum balance
    •    Super Share Draft – $2500 minimum balance pays you more.

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Overdraft Protection

If there are insufficient funds to clear a check, we'll transfer the exact amount from your savings to cover the check - for a $1 charge. And if there aren't enough funds in your savings account to transfer, we'll try to contact you before returning the check. It's part of our personal service.

MasterMoney™ Debit Card 

Use your MasterMoney™ card to make purchases directly from your share draft account anywhere you see MasterCard® - at gas stations, shops, and restaurants worldwide. There are no finance charges since the money is deducted from your share draft account. MasterMoney™ also works as your ATM card, with worldwide access to your cash through the CO-OP, Presto!, STAR, and MasterCard ATM networks.

Direct Deposit 

You can have your retirement, pension and social security checks automatically deposited to your credit union account. Be sure to check with your payroll department. All or part of your paycheck may also be direct deposited to your account. Just tell us how much you'd like in your savings and checking and we'll make sure it's where you want. We can even set up automatic transfers to your PowerNet loans so you don't have to worry about missing a payment. This means no more delays in deposits, waiting for the mailman or worrying if you're going to be out of town.

Please contact a PowerNet member service representative before you set up your direct deposit to ensure you have the correct routing number and account number for your specific account.



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Shared Branching services are available at over 300 credit unions branches in Florida and over 5,000 branches across the United States. Walk into any credit union displaying the CO-OP Shared Branch logo and access your PowerNet account for deposits, withdrawals and payments. Click here to find out more about shared branching services.