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Share Rates

As of January 23, 2018
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Share Deposits A.P.Y.*
Shares ($100 min)** 0.15%
Share Draft** 0.00%
Super Share Draft ($2,500 min)** 0.10%
IRA Shares** 0.35%
Fees may reduce earnings


High Voltage Accounts** A.P.Y.*
Less than $2,500 0.00%
$2,500 - $5,000 0.20%
$5,001 - $10,000 0.25%
$10,000 - $25,000 0.30%
Greater than $25,000 0.35%
Fees may reduce earnings


Share Certificates
Regular and IRA Accounts
Rates as of January 23, 2018
LOYALTY REWARD – Members with CDs that automatically renew at maturity will receive an additional 0.10% on the A.P.Y. on the renewal CD. Limited time offer, ask an employee for details.
Type A.P.Y.*
 6 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 0.50%
12 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 0.80%
24 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 1.10%
36 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 1.35%
48 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 1.60%
60 Month Certificate ($1,000 min.) 2.00%
Early withdrawal penalties may apply.

*Annual Percentage Yield
**Share Rates as of last dividend declaration date (12-31-2017). 

Certificate Rates effective 1-23-2018, and are subject to change. The rate may change after the account is open.

Loan Rates

As of August 2, 2017
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Consumer Loans

Type A.P.R.
New & Used Auto As low as 2.50%
New & Used Harley Davidson As low as 2.50%
Motorcycles As low as 7.00%
New Travel Trailers/RV As low as 7.50%
Used Travel Trailers/RV As low as 7.50%
New Mobile Homes As low as 10.50%
Used Mobile Homes As low as 10.50%
New & Used Boats As low as 7.00%
Computers As low as 9.95%
Personal As low as 9.95%
Share Secured As low as rate + 3.00%
CD Loans As low as CD rate + 3.00%
Farm Equipment As low as 11.25%

First Mortgage Loans

Type A.P.R.
30-Year Fixed

Contact Us For Current First Mortgage Rates

15-Year Fixed
30-Year 1/1 Adjustable
30-Year 3/1 Adjustable
30-Year 5/1 Adjustable
30-Year 7/1 Adjustable

Second Mortgages

Rate Type A.P.R.

Contact Us For Current Rates


Home Equity Loans

Rate Type A.P.R.

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Fixed for 10 years

Other Loans

Type A.P.R.
Construction Loans

Contact Us For Current Rates

Commercial Loans


  • Rates are Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Rates and terms are subject  to change without notice
  • Contact us for more information
  • * Rate for the first year

Fee Schedule

As of December 1, 2015
(Subject to Change)

Membership Fee None
Bad Address Fee1 - monthly $5.00
Dormant Account Fee2 - quarterly $15.00
Membership Closed within 90 Days $10.00
Re-Open Account Closed by PowerNet $10.00
Check Printing varies
Temporary Check $0.25
NSF/Uncollected Funds $25.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $1.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Deposited Item Returned $15.00
Deposited Item Returned (self-to-self) $25.00 $25.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50
ATM Deposit3 Free
ATM Share-to-Share Transfer $0.50
ATM Withdrawal4 $1.00
Debit Card Reinstatement Fee5 $25.00
Foreign Transaction - Currency Conversion 1% of purchase
Replacement Debit Card (lost/stolen) $8.00
Official Check $3.00
Coin Deposited/Exchanged6 5% of amount
Check Cashing - non-members $5.00
PowerLine - Telephone Account Access Free
Home Banking - Internet Account Access Free
PowerPay Bill Pay Service7 - monthly $5.00
PowerPay/PopMoney NSF Fee8 $5.00
Wire Transfers - Incoming $5.00
      Outgoing - Domestic $20.00
      Outgoing - International - foreign funds $40.00
      Outgoing - International - US dollars $45.00
Account Activity Printout/Statement Copy $1/page, $4 min.
Account Research/Balancing Assistance $15/hour
ACH Manual Posting $5.00
Photocopy - per page $1.00
Fax - per page $1.00
Copy of Check $2.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing $40.00
Escheat Processing $25.00
Collection Item $25.00

1 Member must notify CU of new address. Address changes notice from USPS to CU will not be accepted.

2 Membership is Dormant if there is no activity for 24 months and total deposit balance is less than $500.

3 Available at select CO-OP Network ATMs only.

4 First 8 ATM withdrawals per month are free.
5 Reinstate frozen debit card because of overdraft.
6 Charged on coin transactions greater than $50.
7 PowerPay monthly fee will be waived if you have one of the following and make at least one payment every 60 days: 1) Have direct deposit to the account; 2) Maintain an average total savings balance greater than $2000; or 3) Have an active loan with us (other than MasterCard).
8 In addition to PowerNet NSF fee.

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