Share Draft Accounts (Checking)

Checking Accounts With No Monthly Service Charges

That's right, there are no monthly service charges on our checking (share draft) accounts. Plus, your account can earn money, and your first check order is at a reduced rate. After that, you pay only the cost of the checks. And with our duplicate copies, each time you write one, you have an instant receipt for your records. We have two different types of checking accounts. You choose the account most appropriate for you:

Share Drafts
No minimum balance

Super Share Draft
$2500 minimum balance pays you more.

Overdraft Protection

If there are insufficient funds to clear a check, we'll transfer the exact amount from your savings to cover the check - for a $1 charge. And if there aren't enough funds in your savings account to transfer, we'll try to contact you before returning the check. It's part of our personal service.

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Free Checking no monthly service charge, no minimum balance.


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Additional insurance
up to $250,000

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